Tony Guppy is a Pannist (Steelpan player) performer, composer and steelpan educator.
A native of Trinidad & Tobago , which is also the birth place of the steelpan instrument.

Born into a family that has a long history with the steelpan instruments, Tony grew up in Laventille (A ward located on the eastern side of Port of Spain, Trinidad) - which is said to be the heart, soul and roots of the steelpan instrument. Laventille is where the steelpan was born. It's one of the historic places regarding the birth of the Steelpan many years ago.

"Growing up in Laventille there was always some form of music (not just steelpan) in the air. Very often in the still of the night you can hear the sound of African drums far away in the distance ; syncopated rhythms interwoven with the chanting of African Yoruba songs. These religious ceremonies usually continue for several hours until sunrise."

※ Tony Guppy is a past winner of the prestigious "National Steelpan Solo skill Contest" held in Trinidad & Tobago.

He has emerged as one of the most elite and versatile steelpan players today with a professional career that has afforded him the opportunity to tour north, south and central America in cities like Houston, Las Vegas, New York, Florida, California, Colombia, Costa Rica and Mexico. including a number of islands in the Eastern and Western Caribbean.
Aside from his North and South American touring credentials, he has also toured Korea, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and England as well as other European Countries.

Despite all the stereotype and novelty aspects associated with playing steelpan, Tony Guppy never allow himself to be pigeon-hole. "Instruments don't play music, people do - Music is a reflection of the human spirit".
A humble and modest musician, he calmly, but passionately continues to pursue his own musical journey, bringing all the influences of life to his music.

Guppy continues to fine-tune his craft, honing his skills with a host of prime Artists from around the World.
His performing and recording credits include work with an influential list of musical greats spanning multiple genres such as Trinidad & Tobago’s legendary calypso singer Aldwyn Roberts A.K.A 'Lord Kitchener’  also known as the "Grand Master of Calypso", Len 'Boogsie’ Sharpe (Pannist), as well as Paul Jackson ( U.S.A Bassist/Headhunters) and CHAR (Japan's superstar guitarist)

Guppy currently resides in Japan and continues to tour and perform extensively as a leader and sideman in various ensembles.
※ Since relocating to the Tokyo/Yokohama area in 2008, he has been in constant demand as a pannist and has collaborated and performed with such notable artists/groups as Naoya Matsuoka (composer/pianist), Latin bassist Takahashi Getao, Toku, Carlos Kanno,  Soil & "Pimp" Sessions, Def Tech (J Pop),  Kenji 'JINO' "Hino", Murakami "Ponta "Shuichi, Shiho (Fried Pride), Gen Ogimi, Dairo Miyamoto (Pink Bongo Band) and Mamadou Doumbia (African kora player) just to name a few. 

■ 2015 Feb 19th-23rd Tony Guppy had the honor of performing (Total of 10 shows) with the Legendary Grammy-award winning bassist/composer Marcus Miller (as a special guest) at the BLUE NOTE in TOKYO.
 Marcus Miller and Tony Guppy Excepts from Marcus Miller comments...

"What's really cool is that the most compelling part of Guppy’s music is not his "exotic instrument" but his musical imagination.
His improvisational ideas would be impressive on a sax, a trumpet or a piano"
- Marcus Miller

Guppy's dedication and love for music as well as his ability to consistently maintain a high level of artistry on the instrument continues to take the Steelpan to a higher level of recognition which leads to a better understanding, appreciation and respect for the steelpan as a musical instrument and not just another Caribbean novelty.

Now more than ever, with his very own unmistakable sound on steelpan Tony Guppy is carving his way to the top of the thriving music scene via strong and memorable performances. If you’re lucky enough to catch one of his live shows, you’ll soon see why...

You can catch Tony Guppy every month performing around Tokyo area with several different bands.

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2008 Guro Arts Valley Festival (Seoul,Korea)
2009 Ueno Jazz Inn (Tokyo)
2009 Yokohama Jazz Promenade
2009 Mori Fes 10th Anniversary (Hiroshima) 
2010 Sunset Jazz Festival (Nagasaki)
2011 6th Jazz Nanjo Festival (Okinawa) 
2014 31st Ekitopia Festival(Nagoya) 
2014 SUMIDA Jazz FEST(Tokyo)
2015 5 days at BLUE NOTE  w/ Marcus Miller(Tokyo)
2016 BLUE NOTE  w/ DEF TECH (Tokyo)
2016 Yokohama Jazz Promenade 
Guppy has appeared on Radio and TV stations, Nihon TV, NHK, Cable TV (CS TV). In 2006 he was featured in a Special Documentary on the music and culture of Trinidad & Tobago for Japan's Sky Perfect tv, and has also played on a Radio Commercial for Kirin beer.

Guppy has a great passion and knack for teaching and is very active as a steelpan educator and clinician, teaching privately as well as public workshop and lectures. He has taught students from elementary to University settings, and has also worked with the Senzoku Gakuen College of music in Tokyo
* Guppy is an Instructor and owner of the " Guppy Steelpan School" Located in Yokohama, Japan.

Languages : Japanese「日本語」 |   Korean「한국어」 |   Chinese「中国語」
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