Q:Is Guppy your real name or is it your stage name?

Yes! Guppy is my REAL namee!! It's not a pseudonym (nickname, stage name or alias). For more information check out..

The Name "Guppy

Q: What is the name of your instrument and where was it invented?

The name of my instrument is "Steelpan" or simply "Pan". It was invented in Trinidad & Tobago in the 1930s ( More Information about Steelpan)

Q: Can you tell me more about the "genre" of music called "steelpan"?

Steelpan is not a "music genre"
Looking around the internet I was very surprised and in a many ways disappointed to see so many sites labelling "steelpan" as a "musical genre."
An instrument can never be a type (genre) of music.

Definition of a Musical Instrument:
A musical instrument is a device used to produce music. In principle, anything that produces sound, and can somehow be controlled by a musician, can serve as a musical instrument.

Q: What is the difference between a steelpan and a steeldrum?

A Short and simple answer; *A Steelpan is a music Instrument. A Steeldrum is a container.

More detailed Answer :
*The steelpan (pan) is a definite-pitch, (acoustic) percussion instrument made from a Steeldrum (container). it's played with hand-held, rubber-tipped, (mallets) Sticks.
* A steeldrum is a cylindrical container used for shipping bulk cargo - chemicals and other liquids such as oil etc.

Q: What do you call a person who plays the steelpan?

* A Musician who plays the steelpan is call a "Steelpan player" or a "Pannist".
*Contrary to what you see and hear on the internet there is no such thing as a "steel drummer" or "steelpan drum player"

Q:Who made your steelpan?

All of my instruments are made and tuned by Herman Guppy.

Q:How did you get started playing professionally?

I had no plans or thoughts about becoming a professional musician -it just kind of happened naturally. I love playing music!! I started getting invitations to perform at gigs both locally and abroad. one thing lead to another - since then I haven't done anything that's not music related for a living. Music is my full time job.

Q:Do you offer Steelpan lessons, workshops or clinics?

Yes! I give Steelpan instruction to both children and adults. I also offer formal workshops and clinics. More information and registration for classes can be found here Guppy Steelpan School

Q:Where can I find out more about  Trinidad & Tobago and the steelpan ?

For authentic information about Steelpan , calypso or anything pertaining to the culture of Trinidad & Tobago you should always visit an official Trinidad & Tobago website::

NOTE : (Wikipedia is not a reliable or legitimate source of information)
When in doubt go to the source.