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Tony Guppy

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Biographical and career details of a Steelpan player (Pannist), Steelpan Instructor, composer and songwriter from Trinidad &  Tobago.
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Brief Intro

『Tony Guppy』

       Accomplished Musician Steelpan player Tony Guppy has traveled, toured and perform internationally at various venues (big and small) around the world. From outdoor festivals, concert halls, BLUE NOTE, private events, weddings, banks, churches, schools,  restaurants to the small cozy bar just across the street.

What’s really cool is that the most compelling part of Guppy’s music is not his “exotic instrument” but his musical imagination.    His improvisational ideas would be impressive on a sax, a trumpet or a piano

- Marcus Miller (Legendary bassist)

tony guppy steelpan

Live Performances (Video)

 Char (Guitarist)  |  Ponta Shuichi  |  Maguire Twins