The Name Guppy

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I have been ask these these questions on numerous ocassions ;
  • Is Guppy really your name?
  • is Guppy your stage name ?
  • How did you come by such a name?
  • Why were you named after the fish?

Here is a bit of information about Guppy (No not me!! ) the tropical fish
and how it derived by its name.

 Guppy Fish photo

Guppy info - Brief Guppy history  Guppy Fish picture

Guppies - These fishes were originally found in the South American and Caribbean countries such as,Brazil, Guyana, Barbados and Trinidad & Tobago. In the 19th century, the tropical fish we now know as guppy was named in honor of R.J.L. Guppy, a biologist from the Caribbean island Trinidad who first presented specimens of the fish to the British Museum in London. Since then these freshwater tropical fishes has been stuck with the name guppy. Although these fishes are known to the world as simply guppy, their scientific name is "Poecilia reticulatus". Other Common Names : Million fish - because of its very high capacity of reproduction (breeding guppy ). : Rainbow fish - due to the massive variety of spectacular colour patterns on these fishes. (They are also call fancy guppy)

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